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Super Smash...

2010-02-05 21:21:51 by FergusonWinston FINISHED!!!!

Goodness, Im glad thats over with.
THats the good news.

Bad news is that the file is so large that it crashes my computer almost instantly, or it just waits till I try to export the .swf

The one time I managed to export an .swf the file was17mb. I also cant add a preloader to the file without it crashing. Needless to say, this wont do. I've been trying to find ways to get it out in flash format for a week but I'm tired and I need to move on. If anyone has any suggestions that I haven't tried, Ill try them. I will also take donations of a more powerful computer, but until then I'm going to upload it to youtube, my website...etc.

I'll be sure to post a link to it in the teaser I posted and here if you want to find it. Anyway, apologies once again. I'm as frustrated as some of you probably are. Thank you.



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