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Super Smash

2009-04-15 22:49:27 by FergusonWinston

So...yea Super Smash

To anyone who cares, its on hold. Its on hold because I am working on an animation for a company called Freestyle Collective and until that gets done, Super Smash will have to wait.


But if you would like to know...Super Smash is a 4min long film. I am doing it frame by frame. I have all the character animation done as of January. Got ruff BG's. I still need to animate the EFX. Then I gotta go through the whole film and clean up. Then I gotta color. Its alotta work. It will take time, alot longer than I had hoped. Sorry if I have inconvenienced you, it hurting me too.



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2009-04-15 22:54:32

OK then.


2009-05-01 13:55:58

Take your time.


2009-10-20 12:40:12

Hey man, well your pay is obviously more important then a fanimation. Take your time, we'll be here, waiting.


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