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Posted by FergusonWinston - February 5th, 2010

...is FINISHED!!!!

Goodness, Im glad thats over with.
THats the good news.

Bad news is that the file is so large that it crashes my computer almost instantly, or it just waits till I try to export the .swf

The one time I managed to export an .swf the file was17mb. I also cant add a preloader to the file without it crashing. Needless to say, this wont do. I've been trying to find ways to get it out in flash format for a week but I'm tired and I need to move on. If anyone has any suggestions that I haven't tried, Ill try them. I will also take donations of a more powerful computer, but until then I'm going to upload it to youtube, my website...etc.

I'll be sure to post a link to it in the teaser I posted and here if you want to find it. Anyway, apologies once again. I'm as frustrated as some of you probably are. Thank you.


Here is the youtube link...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LWG05S 30Ig

Comments (94)

Tom would find a way to get this on the site I'm sure.
He's a nice fella he won't bite. :P

That was freaking awesome !

favorite the video and subscribed you!

LOVED IT.The MANGA drawings were awesome,the animation was HYPER DUPER GREAT,the music was intense and I would have given it a 2000/5 and a OVER 9000/10 if it was on NEWGROUNDS !

That wasnt good, That was GODLIKE!!!


All you have to do is PM tom fulp with a description of the flash, a request for an upload limit of 20MB, and a link to the youtube video!


That was amazing.

I've seen Tom bend the rules so people can upload large files on NG. I'm sure if you pm him he will without a doubt make an exception for your animation.

Like i said on youtube, this is front page worthy, talk to tom, maybe you can send em the flash and he can slap a preloader on it for you then put it on NG's under your name. Thats to good of a movie to keep it off NG. You worked to hard for it not to be here.

Dude, seriously.. I Don't usually watch flashes over and over again.. but this is.. amazing.

I hope this gets on newgrounds somehow, cause this is fucking AMAZING.

I can't believe how awesome luigi looks though... I Wouldn't have enough thought that badassery could even exist :D

1 years of work ?! you are insane !!!!! PURE MAGIC !

Newgrounds already loves you mate, if they don't, they're trolling

Dude that was an awesome flash, some frame by frame problem but mostly over all the art and action of the flash was awesome.

You wont stay broke man. You have talent. Get a job making cartoons. :)

hey you should post up that scetch you did that inspired all this ;)

it was EPIC but your right its so big it almost crashed my comp (its still pretty freaking epic though)

it was an awesome video. If you can make anymore like this, I'd love to watch them.

man this is sick! your awesome skills in animation are perfect!!! keep at it, you could do a super trilogy or some more episodes about this man :D

This animation ugh idk where to begin
5/5 10/10 by far this is one of if not the best animation fights i have ever seen the graphic the action my god its too good i hope you will use ur ungodly skills for future animations like this keep up the good work man

wait wait waaaaait did this take you 2 YEARS? WHAT THE FUCK

why not leave your pea on the screws vid in newgrounds? it was awesome :P

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